Suicide Prevention Awareness Online Course

As human beings, the idea that people try to or even commit suicide is very upsetting to us. We become very judgemental and vocal on the subject of suicides: “You know there are so many people fighting for their lives in the Hospice or ICUs in hospital, how would anybody want to commit suicide?” Does this sound familiar?

The one main misperception we have about people with suicidal thoughts is that it is not their desire to die, but a desire to escape their emotional pain. When we are able to move away from these judgements, we are better able to support and save lives. We should understand that for some, their emotional pain may seem too much right now to want to live. However, if one is able to provide that person with the best support, their emotional pain can be treated, as no problem is so big that it should result in the loss of a life.

Each one of us has a responsibility to be aware of suicide symptoms and try to prevent it. Be a friend, look out for each other.

Always remember, “You can make a difference…, and sometimes we only have one chance.”

‘Two little boys were walking along the shore. Thousands of starfish were washed out on the sunny and warm beach. It was only a question of time before all the starfish would die.

One of the little boys started to pick them up and throw them back into the sea. His friend asked
him why he was doing it. There were obviously too much of them and it seemed futile. The boy replied, “I cannot save them all, but I can make a difference to the one I do get to save.”

Let this be your personal goal in life…

5-6 Credit Hours
5 CPD Points


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