Burn-Out & Aiding Recovery

Each day we choose how to live this priceless treasure. When we are at peace and harmony with ourselves and others, we perceive its beauty, joy and challenges. When life is seen as exciting and filled with opportunities. We often hear people talking about someone suffering from burn-out. Do we really understand what burn-out means? This course will equip you to recognise signs and symptoms and to become aware of the impact with and aid of a Recovery Plan and Self-Care in the most effective way.


LESSON 1 Introduction to Burn-Out, Definition, Signs and symptoms of Burn-Out, The Burn-Out Curve – the “Three R” approach, Preventing Burn-Out, A Burn-Out recovery plan and Self-Care.
LESSON 2 – Introduction to Depression, What is Depression  and the Signs thereof, What are the causes and what help is available for people who suffer with Depression?, Burn-Out and Depression, (similar symptoms)

LESSON 3 – What is Stress, Stress and Burn-Out, When does stress become burn-out? Stress and burn-out the vicious cycle, Difference between Stress and Burn-Out: comparison of the symptoms. Managing stress, Conclusion

5-6 Credit Hours
5 CPD Points


Overview (Watch):