Living a Life that Matters

Everything that God has started inside of you, He wants to finish through you.

Many of us have deep regrets because of things left unfinished. We say things like, “If God wanted it to happen, it would have happened”, when in reality we quit.

All of us love to step into opportunities that we think will give us a better future. Opportunities are big in the beginning and in the end, but skinny in the middle and that is when some of us bail out (the part that requires discipline and perseverance).

Can you imagine if Jesus didn’t go to the Cross after His suffering in the garden? Jesus decided He wasn’t finished until it was finished. (These were actually His final words on the Cross).

God wants to use people that are willing to say, “I’m not finished yet.” If you are still breathing, you are not finished.

When you come to the end of your life, will you be able to say “I gave everything I had”, or will you  have a hollow feeling inside of your soul that you quit too soon, that you expected too little, that you did not strike the last arrow.

Of this I am certain; whatever God has for you, whatever promises He longs to fulfil in your life, whatever riches may await you, you will only find them when you choose life over existence.

Never ever give up on your dreams, never, never, never. Press through, endure hardships, hold on, keep focussed, don’t let go. Live a life that matters.